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Visual 3D

by C-Motion Inc.

The Programme

Modelling human motion is a complex task and often programmed in advanced mathematical software packages. If your system supplier has not provided you with the functions you would need for motion analysis, or you are just interested in modelling, the option might be using Visual 3D, a software package we highly recommend for such purpose.

Whilst it is quite easy to start with it, it also allows for the advanced professional the use of advanced calculations. If you are interested, please visit their web presence for detailed information.


We offer general courses, such as basic and advanced, but we are quite happy to adapt the training to your individual needs, both on side as well as online. Please contact us for profiling the best approach for you.

We are quite happy to streamline your own data processing using this software. We can support you in establishing quality outcome for your motion capture and help you to understand the data collected.

Please contact us for any inquiry you might have.