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Biomechanics and motion analysis for clinical, sports and legal applications

Our Services

General Consulting

This service is addressed to hospitals, insurance companies, or specialised centers with an interest in applied biomechanics. Application ranged from support in Hard- and Software selection, development of specialised methodologies and workflows, visualisation of information and support in the analysis of data, including the selection of statistical models. Especially with the latest technologies getting data is not the problem, but prepare them for the best use can be challenging. Confidenciality is our utmost interest, so we do not even list our customers.

Everything we do has a strong scientific base, without losing economic aspects. Especially when legal aspects might influence the clinical outcome, we can make sure that you follow the latest scientific development.

We do support producers of biomechanical systems in aligning their system with the latest science. Additionally, we plan and support studies and control cientific compliance.

Personal Consulting

This service is currently covering Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) within the occupational setting.
For example if you have been subject to such tests and feel that the report does not represent your current state, we will check the scientific and clinical base of the test. If needed, we can support you in defending your legal rights.


We provide onsite and online teaching for professional staff, especially in the clinical field, in order to gain the utmost out of systems and programms related to motion analysis and applied biomechanics of the locomotive system. This covers technical aspects as well as clinical and methological ones. This goes beyond a general hardware support from producers, as we combine it with the clinical and scientifical base and the needs of each center, resulting in an increase in efficiency.

For professionals interested in modelling and data processing of motion data we offer specialised courses using Visual 3D.


The exact price for each service will be given once the individual needs are established. A single hour for remote support and training is about 120.

Please contact us for any inquiry you might have.