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We highly respect and value all aspects related to privacy, not just since the DSGVO.

We use external resource for all online activities. In those cases, which are listed in the following, we linked it directly to there privacy statements, as we do not control them.

For this webside all access is logged at the host, which is World4you situated in Austria and guided by the European regulation.

For our own couriosity about from which country we are visited, we use flagcounter at the home page.

We do not use other cookies or scripts for data collection.

Whenever we are communicating with you using skype or Teamviewer, their own privacy policy will be applied. With the latter service we strongly believe to have a really private connection with you.

Data Protection

Less data we have as better it is for all, so please limit the data you send to us to a minimum, e.g. in non-protected emails.

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry you might have regarding your data. You have the right to ask and receive such information and we will delete all data we store about you, whenever so express this to us.

In case you provide as with data related to solving a task you have ask us to do so, those data will be stored and handles within an strong encrypted container. This is due to the continuously presented news about hardware- or software leaks. For this container we use the open source software Veracrypt.

Other resources

Most of the scripting comes from Dynamic Drive. A very special thanks to them for their work!