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The Centre of Mass (CoM) Model

This model was developed to extend the functionality of the Hoptest, which has been established providing information about optimal timing of Return to Sport (RtS). However, this test does not differenciate between the the force to jump or the optimal trajectory. On the other side, getting people into a motion laboratory can be challenging, especially with professional athletes, as their time might be limited.

Based on those aspects, we developed this model and presented it first at ESMAC in 2011.

The position of the markers are directly related to each segment-CoM and 4 markers are used for calibration on a transportable forceplate. Afterwards and off the forceplate, the data from each CoM can be used for further analysis. It has also become useful for analysing special exercises.

Please be aware that the model provides CoM data, only. Segmental positions can only be estimated considering no deformities.

Please feel free to ask as for more details.

CoM Model